Anatometal Inc. Established in 1991 is a green manufacturing company. When moving the facilities in 2017 Barry and the team took the opportunity to plan for the future and upgrade to factory for the 21st century.
Throughout the facilities Anatometal Inc take many steps to reduce any impact to our environment. From recycling heat produced by the air compressors, to switching all light for LED options and running an average of 80% self produced solar power. Plus there are more recycling waste options than non throughout both facilities.

How green is your delivery?
Ordering through Anatometal UK helps reduce the amount of airtime produced by multiple transatlantic packages, reducing the carbon footprint of ordering from abroad. A single passenger flight from the west coast of America to London produces over 1 metric ton of CO2.

2017 Solar panel instillation.

Here you’re looking at a 400 amp solar array on the roof of the main factory building. CO2 offset since it was turned December 2018 and between then to January 19 2019 was 104,331.38 lbs.

Utilising natural options may not be the most cost effective when it comes to manufacturing but it is the right option. Better for our planet and completely recyclable too.

Plant based lubricants.

Conflict free diamonds.

Anatometal Inc diamonds are mined in Canada and cut in the USA. Canadian diamonds are sought-after all over the world for their conflict-free origins. They also have a slightly different atomic structure to other diamonds, with fewer internal irregularities, which allows a better flow of light through the stones.