July 4th?

UK studios are expected to reopen from July 4th

But is this wishful thinking? Step Three of the current guidelines says:

The Government’s current planning assumption is that this step will be no earlier than 4 July, subject to the five tests justifying some or all of the measures below, and further
detailed scientific advice, provided closer to the time, on how far we can go.
The ambition at this step is to open at least some of the remaining businesses and premises
that have been required to close, including personal care (such as hairdressers and beauty
salons) hospitality (such as food service providers, pubs and accommodation), public places
(such as places of worship) and leisure facilities (like cinemas). They should also meet the
COVID-19 Secure guidelines. Some venues which are, by design, crowded and where it may
prove difficult to enact distancing may still not be able to re-open safely at this point, or may be able to open safely only in part. Nevertheless the Government will wish to open as many
businesses and public places as the data and information at the time allows