We ask Nikki why she made the transition to Kiwami piercing needle blades,

Owner of Bold & Gold studios in Edinburgh, Nikki Lloyd-Proctor and tattooer husband Alan have created a wonderful and inclusive space for their clients.

Nikki is renowned for her attention to detail and regularly created masterful piercings. Please take a look and support this majestic duo:


An empowering female piercer

“I was so hesitant to make the transition to blade because the cannula was all i knew and blades frightened me due to the bevel opening a bigger margin for error on angles”

“When i decided to make the switch i didn’t know what i was looking for in a blade, i spoke to many piercers, some said I’d want something coated others said use lube for glide to get used to them but the best advice i got was just to try them all”

Client care always comes first

“Other blades seemed somewhat step like at the bevel, and didn’t feel i was getting a smooth piercing which made me think my clients would be feeling that too”

“The Kiwami blades are brilliant, i instantly felt them glide through skin. I am by no means a connoisseur of blades but i do know how my hands move to make my piercings work and using these has made things a lot easier, smoother, my work has a nice flow with these and that bevel is crisp”

Japanese precision

When choosing a piercing needle there is no other blade as sharp or as elegant as the Japanese made Kiwami blade. There is a reason we use the hashtag #SamuraiSharp 

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